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"Don't Cuddle the Krampus" Retro 80's Toy Line

  18.12.2015 22:42

About this project

With Legends of Cthulhu, WARPO took you back to the late 1970s with the first retro action figures based on the world of H.P. Lovecraft. This time, WARPO is turning back the clock to 1986, the era of great monsters and gross-out toys, with Don't Cuddle the Krampus, the first retro collectible toy line based on the myth of Krampus.

Krampus is an ancient European legend and wicked counterpart to Saint Nicholas. His job is to punish naughty children by swatting them with rusty chains and switches and then stuffing them into his sack to be carried away to his evil lair.

 Over the past decade, Krampus has been gaining popularity as evidenced by his appearances in TV shows and movies as well as the increasing number of Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) celebrations across the U.S.

Acting as a toy company in the 1980s looking for the next great monster property, we felt that Krampus was the perfect folk lore to receive the Warpo treatment! We've taken a unique approach to this mythic character positioning him as a scary, but also totally misunderstood monster. Our Krampus isn't out to blindly terrorize children, he has a job to do: Scare the naughty kids straight! It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it! Thus... Don't Cuddle the Krampus was born!

Don’t Cuddle the Krampus is the first retro inspired toy line featuring an incredibly detailed Krampus toy and 3 Naughty Kid pillows.  

Don't Cuddle the Krampus Details

  • Sits at approx. 14" tall / stands at 18.5" tall and is 11" wide.
  • Stuffed, premium plush with 2 soft faux-fur fabrics and corduroy belly
  • Soft plastic molded face, horns and ears with detailed deco application
  • Soft printed vinyl tongue, hooves, & claws, and fabric tail w/ faux-fur tip
  • Includes vinyl belt/sash with plastic buckle, Naughty Kid bag with Krampus logo print, and soft plastic molded manacles with chains


  • Measurements of approx. 7.5" tall x 5" wide x 1.5" deep
  • Stuffed high resolution printed fabric 
  • 3 unique characters with classic 80's style!

WARPO is all about creating an immersive experience with the products we create. All the ancillary products an 80's toy company would have produced to support their toy brand. 

This time we've really offered some killer rewards and an extensive world of add-ons for you to dive into.

This level will include a one of a kind, custom hand made Krampus mask made by multidisciplinary artist Erik Pertl. You can see more of Erik's work on his Facebook page - Erik Pertl Artworks.

The masks are made from an extremely hard / durable material and will be made at a size to fit a grown man's head. Mask's are mostly decorative but will be able to be worn. 

 ... and wait, there's more! Check out Krampus' Holiday Bazaar for tons of totally rad add-ons to your pledges!!!

  • $80,000 - Bonus Naughty Kid #1 - ADD ON FOR $15 
  • $90,000 - Bonus Naughty Kid #2 - ADD ON FOR $15 
  • $100,000 - Bonus Naughty Kid #3 - ADD ON FOR $15
  • $160,000 - Totally 80's Colors Krampus - KS Exclusive (Pollybagged with no naughty kids) - ADD ON FOR $100

For "Don't Cuddle the Krampus" WARPO was looking to create a product that sat right along side similar gross out monster toys in 1986.

 WARPO's philosophy is to work as hard as we can to make a truly authentic product for the era's we're looking to duplicate, and in turn we collaborate with veteran artists from those era's to create assets and give insight into how they did things back then. 


When looking for a partner on Don't Cuddle the Krampus we were so incredibly lucky to team up with Jim Groman. In 1986 Jim was working with the American Greetings Entertainment and Toy Concept Division: ‘Those Characters from Cleveland’, where he had a hand in the development of brands like My Pet Monster, Madballs, Care Bears, Popples, Blurp Balls, Barnyard Commandoes, and Ring Raiders.


Jim was hired to design, illustrate and sculpt Krampus & the Naughty Kids and we worked extensively with him to find just the right look for our 80's incarnation of Krampus.

Jim is an incredible sculptor and also had the role of sculpting the face, ears, horns and accessories. Keeping this project with him all the way through enabled us to create a prototype that was as close to his illustrated vision as possible.

When it came to making our prototype, Jim brought in Donna Miranda, a plush veteran who has done countless patterns & forms for the industry... including the original My Pet Monster. Her duty was to create the fabric body and to make sure the structure was appropriate for the type of plush we were trying to create (ie. can he sit up properly, are his proportions correct, etc.)

As a team they did an amazing job to create the prototypes we are using for marketing the product and for sending to the factory overseas as an example for production.

Warpo is a collectible toy company that we founded at the end of 2013 – we have a combined experience of close to 20 years in the toy industry doing product development and design and have been hardcore toy collectors for even longer.

Last year WARPO successfully launched and delivered the Legends of Cthulhu retro action figure line to rave reviews. Since then WARPO has solidified distribution and retail supporters, signed licensing deals, launched another product (12” Cthulhu available now!), and saw our fan base grow like crazy.


For more information on WARPO or Legends of Cthulhu check out:


 Our team has already invested a great deal of time & money to get the project to the stage we are at already. Essentially, we have all we need to start working with our contacts overseas to begin production on the Don't Cuddle the Krampus toy line.

It is our #1 goal to get Krampus shipping on time or earlier than proposed - and we're hoping that the resources and the enthusiasm of the Kickstarter community will give us the rocket fuel we need to bring these home as quickly as possible.

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